Saturday, September 29

View from the citywide high school fair

Above: Parents check out a schedule of events at the high school fair. Philissa Cramer/Insideschools

I just got back from the high school fair, where I spent three hours talking to kids and school officials and collecting open house information from schools. Brooklyn Tech was as much of a zoo as I expected it to be — when I arrived at 10 a.m., when the fair started, families were lined up dozens deep for the elevators — but I thought the fair was a little better organized than in the past, and it's always fun to hear enthusiastic kids sing the praises of their schools. At the very least, the mild weather made for a pleasant temperature, not the norm at the overcrowded fair — and the conditions should hold up for those of you planning to visit tomorrow. If you stop by tomorrow, you'll be able to buy a copy of New York City's Best Public High Schools from author Clara Hemphill herself!

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