Wednesday, September 12

TONIGHT (9/12): Joel Klein on Colbert Report

Joel Klein is the featured guest tonight on Comedy Central's satirical "Colbert Report." While Stephen Colbert is not known for conducting hard-hitting interviews, it should be fun to see the chancellor get a kind of question he's not used to. The Post reports that Klein's new PR guru Kerri Lyon, who is charged with getting more positive stories about the DOE into the press, asked "Colbert Report" producers for the slot.

"Colbert Report," 11:30 p.m. on Comedy Central (Channel 45)


Bruce S said...

There is certainly no harm done in Joel Klein's apparing on this show. Perhaps there is a side of him that the public never sees. However, since this show is on a cable station at 11:30 PM the audience will likely be very small and not have much impact of the public's perception of the Department of Education.

Ben said...

It's clearly not the type of interview Chancellor Klein is accustomed to. Like many politicians, he went on with a serious mood in an effort to get out a message, and he comes off as someone without a sense of humor. Props to him for going on the show, but next time he ought to try relaxing and flowing with the humor.