Sunday, September 9

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn goes back to school

Louise Crawford over at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn has school on the brain after delivering her daughter to PS 321 for 5th grade. Although she admits that she didn't read New York City 's Best Public Middle Schools on the beach over the summer, she is quickly bringing herself up to speed on middle school options and how to investigate them. She used Insideschools to generate a list of schools to look at more closely, and, on behalf of a friend, she asks her readers for more information about Brooklyn Latin, the new specialized high school in East Williamsburg.

Crawford also notes with alarm that to reserve space on middle school tours, "the time to call the schools is NOW"; a friend of hers reports being number 89 on MS 51's reservation list — and the school hasn't even scheduled dates yet! It's good advice to start calling schools early, but don't panic. Many schools are still getting settled in for this year and aren't yet taking calls about next year's enrollment. Insideschools will launch its annual open house database this week.

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