Wednesday, September 12

NYC kids eating a little more locally in cafeterias

Have you taken a look at the puff pieces the DOE is running on its new site? Some of them are silly but others are pretty interesting. I don't think the stories are archived anywhere, but the piece up right now is about the heads of the SchoolFood program showing off the "healthy, locally grown food" that school cafeterias are now serving. Schools are serving some fruits and vegetables grown in New York State, as well as yogurt produced in the state. Eating locally is better for the environment and can help kids establish healthy eating habits, so I hope kids are learning why canned corn has been replaced by "Confetti Corn Salad" on their styrofoam trays. Now if only the schools can figure out how to get rid of the environmentally unfriendly styrofoam altogether, as parents at PS 154 in Brooklyn are calling for.

Insideschools covered the planned improvements to school lunch program back in December 2005, when we also highlighted some of the best lunches around the city.

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