Monday, August 27

New York school cell phone ban unusual

New York may have better public transportation, restaurants, and sports teams, but Washington, D.C., has at least one thing on us -- kids in the surrounding counties can carry their cell phones to school. The Washington Post today reports that "school boards everywhere are revisiting decade-old bans against portable communication devices in the classroom" because parents and kids view cell phones as a necessity and because fears about how cell phones would undermine discipline and learning simply haven't come true. The last Washington-area school system to allow cell phones in school will finally do so this fall.

Of course, New York isn't like most places, and the mayor and chancellor are holding firm on the cell phone ban, even in the face of City Council opposition. With school starting next week, I haven't heard anything more about which schools will receive cell phone lockers as part of a "compromise" pilot program. Has anyone else?

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