Tuesday, August 21

Comment now on proposed changes to SLT regulations

Last week, the DOE posted proposed revisions to Chancellor's Regulation A-655, which governs School Leadership Teams. The new regulation is almost twice as long as the old one and includes a lot more details on the selection of SLTs, as well as a grievance procedure for parents to complain about the SLT election at their school.

The most significant change appears to be the one addressing the role of SLTs in setting schools' budgets. As the regulation currently stands, SLTs are required to "consult with the principal in developing a school-based budget"; the revision makes it clear that while SLTs should have "input" in developing the budget, principals have the final say. This makes sense, since the dominant trope in the new reorganization has been about giving power (and accountability) to principals.

The DOE is accepting comments on the proposed changes by email until Sept. 16.

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