Tuesday, August 14

Burden of proof legislation coming down to the wire

We addressed this issue in our most recent email alert, but it's so important that we wanted to remind you that now is the time to tell Governor Spitzer that you want him to sign into law new burden of proof legislation.

By midnight tomorrow the governor must decide whether to sign a bill that would restore the burden of proof in special education cases to school districts. The bill would make it easier for families to secure special education services even when schools are trying not to provide them. Obviously, school districts are lobbying the governor not to sign the bill, and the word is that he has not yet decided what to do.

AFC urges you to tell the governor to sign the bill. To contact the governor's office, call 518-474-8390 or 518-474-1041 or fax 518-474-1513. All you have to say is, "Governor, please approve A.5396-A." The only other thing you'll need to know is your zip code. This is a fast and easy way to make a difference for many families all over the state.

See NYSARC's site for background on the legislation.

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