Friday, July 6

(Slightly) smaller classes on the way (updated)

In an extension of our recent post about NYC's use of $1.03 billion in additional state education funding ($228 million of which must conform to Governor Spitzer's Contract for Excellence requirements), the Times reports today on Chancellor Klein's plans for the money.

Specifically, Klein talks about how the Department of Ed plans to fulfill the Contract for Excellence requirements with the required $228 million: $106 million of it will reduce class size by hiring 1300 new teachers. Other funding will extend class time and provide more resources for training and development.

This is the first I've heard about Klein and the DOE acknowledging that Fair Student Funding would meet the requirements for the state's Contract for Excellence requirements. Some, including Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters, were less than thrilled with the announcement, the Times reports, calling Klein's planned class size reductions "so minimal as to be meaningless."

July 11 update: For criticism of Klein's plan, check out NYC Educator's post on the topic.

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