Friday, June 29

Quid pro quo for Brooklyn schools

The Brooklyn Paper reports today that the two schools that are being made to share their building with a new dual-language Arabic school will receive a host of enhancements over the summer:

At a Parent-Teacher Association meeting last week, Department of Education officials announced that the building housing the Math and Science Exploratory School and the Brooklyn High School of the Arts will get new computers, a renovated technology lab, and a dance studio. In addition, the math and science middle school will get, for the first time, its own gym.
This past year, so many schools resisted having new schools placed in their buildings, often to success. But if these promises actually come true for MS 447 and BHSA, perhaps other schools will take a different -- and more self-serving -- approach when the DOE comes knocking.

For some background on the Brooklyn situation, read our coverage of the controversy over the Khalil Gibran International Academy.

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