Friday, June 15

More on math scores (updated)

6/17 update: For a summary of the reasons to be wary of the new math test scores, check out Diane Ravitch's article over at the NYC Public School Parents blog. Ravitch urges readers to "wait patiently to see whether the recent gains on the state tests are reflected on the national tests when the results are posted in November 2007."

6/15 post: The math scores published last week have attracted a wave of commentary, everything from ecstasy to serious skepticism. Today a few more publications weigh in. Elizabeth Green at the New York Sun reports that city officials are touting charter school scores as evidence that charter schools are working. She writes:

This year, 74% of city charter students scored proficient on the state math test, up from 66% last year, a review of state data by a procharter group, the New York City Center for Charter School Excellence, found. Just 65% of students citywide scored as well this year, up from 57% last year.
Meanwhile, the Times published a cautiously optimistic editorial, concluding that "all signs suggest that the city and state are on the right track."

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Philissa said...

Of course, if test scores at charter schools improved by the same margin as test scores at regular public schools (8 percent), all we can tell from this data is that kids at charter schools tested higher last year.