Wednesday, October 31

DOE official seeking top slot in Rochester schools

Looks like Jean Claude Brizard may be the next top DOE administrator to move on to greener pastures. He's one of four contenders for the superintendency of the Rochester (N.Y.) Public Schools, which post a high school graduation rate even lower than New York City's. On Monday, Brizard met with the selection committee in Rochester and told them what he would do to improve the schools, including bolster security, enroll more kids in pre-K, and increase vocational offerings. School board members told the local paper that Brizard "came very close" to meeting all their selection criteria; the board is meeting with the three other candidates this week.

In the last several years, Brizard has been the principal at George Westinghouse High School, a regional superintendent, and the DOE's executive director of high schools. But despite his reputation as a pretty straight shooter (or perhaps because of it?), he didn't land in any of the highest positions after the most recent reorganization. The Rochester Democrat-Gazette has an extended profile of Brizard.

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